Lodging for Paws
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Bed & Bone Happy Half Hour!

Activities will depend on the age and inclination of your dog —

Your dog will be taken out for a half hour exercise period either for an extended walk along an unfamiliar path, interactive play time, supervised group play or simply allowed to wander at will while accompanied by a staff member in a large exercise yard. Happy Half Hour is an option offered at $17.00 per 30 minute session. ($28.00 for 2 dogs in the same family.)


For our wild and crazy canines we offer a 30 minute supervised romp in our play yard with other like minded pooches, or one-on-one play with a frisbee, a ball, tug of war or, all of the above. This is a GREAT way to burn off extra energy and anxiety.

Nature Walk

Perfect for the older, less active "couch potato" this 30 minute leashed walk in a different direction from their daily walk is a favorite among our older or less active dogs. Plenty of pit stops, play stops, belly rubbing and cuddles are included along the way.


30 minutes to wander at will off-leash in our large exercise yard with lots of petting, scratching, and smooching.